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Ultimate Speed Reader

    Machine: Win
    Skill(s): reading
    Publisher: Knowledge Adventure
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    Learning Services
    Approximate single-unit price: $30
    Purchase options: lab, site
    Level: Intermediate, advanced, teacher For: All but K-6
    An updated version of Davidson's Speed Reader with six activities, including a game mode, and a management system that tracks student progress. This reading skills program includes letter and word recognition, eye movement and column reading exercises, as well as various readings. Texts can be added by using the authoring component (not simply by using a word-processed file). Windows 2000/XP.

Ultimate Writing and Creativity Center

    Machine: Mac/Win
    Skill(s): writing
    Publisher: Riverdeep
    Approximate single-unit price: $30
    Purchase options: network, site license
    Level: Beginning, intermediate, advanced For: K-6
    Special use: Elementary
    Word-processor with graphics, sound, and animation add-ons. An interactive cartoon character prompts students through the prewriting process. Best for children, due to the nature of the graphics included. Comes on CD-ROM.


    Machine: Win/Mac
    Skill(s): typing
    Publisher: Bytes of Learning
    Approximate single-unit price: $50
    Purchase options: site, lab
    Level: Beginning, intermediate, advanced For: All
    UltraKey is a keyboard skills tutorial that is more appropriate for ESL users than many on the market. The explanation about proper posture at the computer is well done and accessible to at least intermediate level ESL students. The excellent use of graphics and visual prompts also helps. Finally, in the skill check section students have an option of typing in whatever text they desire. This enables students to practice writing sentences at their appropriate level while at the same time building keyboard speed. A demo version is available at the website (http://www.bytesoflearning.com). Hybrid Windows/Mac CD-ROM, or separate disks versions. Windows 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7; Mac OS X. Will also work on netbooks.

Understanding and Using English Grammar Interactive

    Machine: Win
    Skill(s): grammar
    Publisher: Pearson Education
    Level: Advanced For: All
    From the advanced Azar grammar book by the same name. This CD-ROM includes animated grammar presentations; introductory dialogues about grammar; practice with listening, speaking and reading; grammar charts; and record-keeping.

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