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Jump Start Reading series

    Machine: Win
    Skill(s): reading
    Publisher: Knowledge Adventure
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    Approximate single-unit price: $10
    Purchase options: lab, site, T version
    Level: Literacy, beginning For: pre-K-2
    Special use: elementary, literacy
    A series of programs, sold separately. Reading programs are for Pre-kindergarten to grade 3 (about 9 years old) and have a focus on phonics and vocabulary practice. Literacy titles include sound-spelling drills. Multimedia drills with game elements designed to promote literacy. Teacher editions include 2 copies of the software plus teacher materials. Windows 2000/XP; not listed as Vista-compatible.

Just Grandma and Me

    Machine: Mac/Win
    Skill(s): listening, reading
    Publisher: Learning Company, The
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    Learning Services
    Approximate single-unit price: $15
    Level: Beginning, intermediate For: All
    Special use: Bilingual (Sp, Jap)
    This CD-ROM is a story about Little Critter's trip to the beach with his/her grandmother. It offers well-drawn, animated graphics with text and sound. The story is endearing to adults and children, but may seem too childish to teenagers. The learner can choose to listen to the story as it is displayed onscreen (with text highlighted as it is read) or to control the pace and click on different items within each screen to see what they do. The learner also has a choice of seeing and hearing the text in Spanish and Japanese (kanji). It may be helpful to low-level learners who speak those languages to go through the story once in their own language, then listen and read again in English. If students are interacting with the text in 'play' mode, they can be assigned tasks by a teacher to profit linguistically from the mostly graphical respones to their mouse clicks.

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