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Q Business CDs

    Machine: Win
    Skill(s): comprehensive
    Publisher: Q Group
    Purchase options: Contact publisher
    Level: Beginning For: Adult, HE
    Special use: business
    CD-ROM-based focus on communication skills, using text, sound, video, and graphics. Topics include business travel, company management, recruitment and advertising. In addition to the course materials, there are 4 video clips with study activities. Students can also record and playback. Includes a glossary, grammar book, cultural notes, crossword puzzles, and a variety of exercises. Suitable for professionals studying for the Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate).

Q English CDs

    Machine: Win
    Skill(s): comprehensive
    Publisher: Q Group
    Purchase options: Contact publisher
    Level: Beginning, intermediate, advanced For: Adult, HE
    Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. 36 theme-based English language learning CDs for adults. Lessons Develop listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Bookmark feature returns students to the last action taken before exiting the lesson. Local language support and tool tips in several languages.

Q Kids CDs

    Machine: Win/Mac
    Skill(s): comprehensive
    Publisher: Q Group
    Purchase options: Contact publisher
    Level: Literacy, beginning For: K-6
    Special use: Elementary, literacy
    CD-ROMs, readers, audio and video cassettes are part of this comprehensive program for young learners of English. A variety of activities.These basic English CDs provide over 100 hours of learning and comprise two separate courses, one for pre-readers and one for readers: Winnie’s World (pre-readers): An animated world of eight ‘houses’ with different topics in each house; Freddy’s Islands (readers): Children can ‘hop’ from one island to another with different lessons on each island. Online version is also available.


    Machine: Win
    Skill(s): authoring
    Publisher: Half-Baked Software
    Purchase options: freeware
    Level: Teacher For: Teacher
    Tool to create web-based action mazes (like a create-your-own-adventure book). With each screen, the user has a set of options. Depending on the choice, the user will be taken to one of several next steps or situations. The action maze can be used simply as a game, but it can also be used to teach the steps in a process. Quandary simplifies some of the many record-keeping details and linking issues involved in creating this type of branching activity. Version 2.4 of Quandary is now a free download from the website.

Question Mark Perception

    Machine: Win
    Skill(s): T util, authoring
    Publisher: Question Mark Computing
    Purchase options: contact publisher
    Level: Teacher For: Teacher
    Assessment management system designed for teachers to author a range of items and organize them into exams, quizzes, tests or surveys. Assessments can be set up to be available on a specific schedule and delivered in a variety of ways. The program provides a number of different report types for the assessments. Assessments can be delivered online, via CD-ROM, on PDAs, or on individual machines.

Quick English: General 1, General 2, Business, Junior

    Machine: Mac, Win
    Skill(s): listening
    Publisher: LinguaTech
    See also
    Lingo Fun
    Approximate single-unit price: $34
    Purchase options: per title price; lab, site
    Level: Intermediate, advanced For: All but K-6
    A family of multimedia CD-ROMs for ESL/EFL students studying at the intermediate to advanced levels. The Quick English Business and Quick English Junior titles are available for systems running WorldScript-Japanese or Japanese Windows 3.1/Japanese Win95. Teachers need to add tasks that encourage students to interact with each other, not just watch passively. Each title has 10 interactive lessons, 15 minutes of video and over 30 minutes of audio, hundreds of test questions, a listening comprehension section, and a Hangman game. QE General 1 is 'Social Skills, Planning & Scheduling'; QE General 2 is 'Traveling, Ordering & Shopping'; QE Business 1 is 'Public Speaking & Business Activities'; and QE Business 2 is 'Negotiations & Transactions.' Each CDs are sold separately or as a package.

QuizMaker Pro 2010

    Machine: Mac, Win
    Skill(s): t util
    Publisher: Class One Software
    Approximate single-unit price: $25
    Purchase options: lab, hybrid versions
    Level: Teacher For: Teacher
    Test authoring system. Generates, administers, scores, and archives tests or quizzes with up to 10 different types of questions within a single test. The program can be used to print multiple versions of a single test with answer keys for each version. QMPro will administer your tests and provide detailed score analysis by individual, class, or test. In the new version, tests can be placed online for downloading and taking by students. Windows XP/Vista/7; Mac OS X.

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