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Nano My Words

    Machine: Win
    Skill(s): vocabulary
    Publisher: CompuLang
    Purchase options: free with website registration
    Level: Intermediate, advanced For: All but K-6
    Desktop reference tool with a dictionary, images (from an online source), pronunciation, and game that works with the online website, My Words (http://mywords.compulang.com/mw/doc/main.php). Free with registration on the free website.

National Geographic Society Wonders of Learning CD-ROMs

    Machine: Mac, Win
    Skill(s): discontinued
    Publisher: National Geographic Society Educational Services
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    online/mail order
    Approximate single-unit price: $80
    Level: Beginning, intermediate For: All
    Special use: Elementary, bilingual
    This presents 36 books on eight CD-ROMs. Narrators read the stories, accompanied by background music and sound effects. Color photographs, word and syllable pronunciations in English and Spanish, and interactive picture buttons let students explore and learn. The features can be customized by teachers. The stories are Exploring the Solar System and Beyond, Animals and How They Grow, Our Earth, People Behind the Holidays, Seasons, The Human Body, A World of Plants, and A World of Animals.


    Machine: Win
    Skill(s): reading
    Publisher: Howard Bruce and Assoc.
    Approximate single-unit price: $40
    Level: Literacy, beginning For: All but K-5
    Special use: literacy
    Phonics program using video to show mouth movements and teach sounds associated with each letter, making it also useful for pronunciation practice. The program progesses to words and phrases. CD-ROM.

New Dynamic English

    Machine: Mac, Win
    Skill(s): comprehensive
    Publisher: DynEd International
    Purchase options: Contact publisher for pricing
    Level: Beginning, intermediate For: All but K-8
    Special use: Bilingual (Sp, Jap, It, Kor, Chi, Fr, Port)
    New interface with the most recent version. Four-level listening-based course, each level with two CD-ROMs. Includes speech recognition for answers. Primary focus is on basic language concepts. In each lesson, information is presented in the form of narratives via sound and graphics with text, glossary, speech record, and repetition always available to the student. Follow-up exercises include Questions generated by the student by clicking on icons or words from the lesson; Matrix Game in which the student accrues points for correctly answering questions using vocabulary presented in the lesson; Dictation exercises requiring the student to listen carefully to a series of sentences from the lesson and select words from a list and place them in the gaps in the sentences; Fill-in exercises where missing words are placed in sentences from the lesson. Grammatical and lexical knowledge is reinforced in all games and exercises along with listening comprehension. The program adjusts the level of difficulty of the questions to the student's demonstrated level of proficiency. Suitable to be used as primary course material, supplemental resource, or self-access material in a language lab (index of lessons lends itself well to self-paced instruction). Placement Testing, Mastery Testing and a Records Manager System allow teachers to track an unlimited number of students. Networkable. Pricing options include per-student-use cost. Contact the publisher for details.

North American Idioms

    Machine: Win
    Skill(s): discontinued
    Publisher: Encomium Publications
    Approximate single-unit price: $80
    Level: Intermediate For: All but K-6
    CD-ROM to help learners with colloquial North American English; includes information about North American customs and culture.

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